Legal Reformulation and Ethics of Fintech Lending Companies In Indonesia

  • Rina Arum Prastyanti Universitas Duta Bangsa Surakarta
  • Arief Budiyono Law Faculty, Universitas Muhammadiyah, Surakarta
Keywords: ethic, fintech lending, legal reformulation


With a large number of cases of legal and ethical violations committed by fintech lending companies, it shows that there is still a legal void considering that fintech users are not yet protected, so there need to be ideal legal and ethical rules for big data on fintech lending industry. This research uses empirical legal analysis with qualitative research. This research goes beyond the gap between philosophy and practice. The view of empirical legal research also points out non-doctrinal or socio-legal research. This observation refers to the gap among the legal norms contained in Law No. 11 of 2008 concerning Electronic Information and Transaction. The information analysis procedure used in this research is in interactive form.

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