Trends of Political Reporters Writing Hoax on The Online Media in South Sulawesi

  • Juminah Hasanuddin University
  • Muliadi Mau Department Communication Science, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Universtas Hasanuddin
Keywords: Hoax, Journalist, Online Media


This article explains about hoax trends written by online media journalists in South Sulawesi. The level of trend of political journalists writing hoaxes on online media in South Sulawesi is measured by five indicators, namely: aspects of confirmation bias, aspects of incorrect information, aspects of misleading information, aspects of incorrect connections, and aspects of satire.

This research is a quantitative study that obtained data from 28 journalists working in a variety of different online media spread in South Sulawesi. Data collection techniques were carried out using checklist sheets and literature studies. The data obtained will be analyzed using frequency distribution, simple linear regression, and the SPSS program in order to refer to a conclusion. The results of this study indicate that the trend of online media political journalists in South Sulawesi is low.

The low trend of confirmation bias, misinformation, misleading information, wrong connection and satire have implications for the results of the final accumulation, namely the trend of journalists writing lies in the low category. Political journalists in online media in South Sulawesi write news in a coherent manner with appropriate and capacity speakers in their fields. In other words, journalists do not write news by interpreting recent events as evidence of existing beliefs.

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