Human Rights On the Internet: Freedom of Expression In Indonesian Law and Practice

  • Awaludin Marwan Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya University
  • Kai Liu Jiangsu University, China
  • Clara Ignatia Tobing Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya University
Keywords: internet, freedom of expression, human rights, defamation


This paper aims to explore the evolution of human rights protection concerning the internet in Indonesia, particularly focusing on the realization of freedom of expression. The expansion of the internet within Indonesia presents significant opportunities for upholding human rights, particularly in ensuring freedom of expression. However, the translation of human rights principles into effective practices within the digital landscape poses challenges. One pressing issue is the continued occurrence of journalist criminalization, indicating persistent obstacles to safeguarding these rights. Additionally, instances involving suspicion of online defamation, blasphemy, racism directed towards activists, and opposition figures have surfaced. Moreover, governmental actions such as censorship and internet shutdowns have been observed. This paper seeks to delve into the extent to which the realization of freedom of expression and privacy has progressed in the digital age amidst these challenges.

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