“Politicamedia Authoritarian”: The Post-Idealism of Journalism

  • Judhariksawan Faculty of Law, Hasanuddin University, Makassar
Keywords: Democracy, Media, Journalism, The Law of Press, General Election.


The mass media has been positioned as the fourth estate of democracy because of their ability as a counterweight and supervisor of other democratic pillars. Journalistic idealism that is based on independence and neutrality is highlighted by the involvement of media and political owners. The media has been judged to be a pragmatic political tool by its owners and political affiliations. The potential emergence of problems will occur in the general election in Indonesia due to the behavior of media owners in Indonesia is the head of a political party or coalition among them. In this study called as “Politicamedia Authoritarian”. When the media is no longer able to perform its functions and roles then the media paradigm as the fourth estate needs to be changed, as well as towards the legal system of the press.


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