The Impact of International Agreements on Indigenous People In Indonesia


  • Nancy Silvana Haliwela Faculty of Law, Pattimura University, Ambon
Keywords: International Agreement, Indigenous People


Inter-state relations and interdependence, whether economic, political, defence, etc., are essential for the welfare of the citizens of a state. The implementation of inter-state relations is done by using international agreements between a country and other countries or international organisations and must be subject to international law. Foreign investment has a great influence on the economic growth of a country and is a determinant factor for the growth and welfare of the society. However, with respect to foreign investment issues, indigenous and tribal peoples are marginalized when dealing with rulers as well as foreign businessmen (foreign investors). As a result, the opportunity for indigenous peoples to participate in public decisions on economic, socio-cultural and political issues that affect their existence is limited. Nonetheless, law enforcement and investment policies should be aimed at financing the development and welfare of the people, and foreign investments should only be viewed as a complement and should neither be allowed to cause disharmony nor harm the rights of citizens and the national interests.


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Haliwela, N. (2018). The Impact of International Agreements on Indigenous People In Indonesia. International Journal of Global Community, 1(3, Nov), 275 - 290., Nov.2018.275 - 290